About Kitty

Miss Kitty may be very feminine and not look like a stereotypical Domme but DO NOT be fooled. She is a very cruel sadistic Dominatrix but with a caring and nurturing side, She does not hate men, Miss kitty merely enjoys playing with their minds and bodies. Miss Kitty also has a love for all submissives whatever gender you assign .

Miss Kitty has been a natural Dominant from very early on in life, and also is sadomasochistic hedonist so is experienced in many aspects of the D/s lifestyle.

When you have a session with Miss Kitty She will help you to explore and push boundaries, feel comfortable within your self and your own fetish, banishing any shame you may have.

Miss Kitty will encourage you mentally and physically to push yourself to higher levels of servitude than you thought you could ever attain. Miss Kitty will ALWAYS have your welfare forefront whilst delighting Herself in the pleasure of your pain and torment.

Miss Kitty is here to take you on your voyage of discovery exploring the deepest darkest corners of your mind, showing you your rightful place at her feet, catering to every whim She may have.

Miss Kitty will show you the way to submission and servitude, and you will do it with a tear in your eye and a smile on your face.