Chastity Keyholding

Would you like to be owned?

Miss Kitty is always happy to lock you away and deny you pleasure. She is able to send you a numbered lock, or receive keys from you. Beware, that chastity is only for the strongest of people, and Miss Kitty delights in making it hard for you.

Miss Kitty imposes harsh penalties on those who seek to break their confinement, and suggests that you do not entertain any ideas of freedom until she decides that it is time.

Miss Kittys Chastity Contract


CHASTITY CAGE: Any lockable wearable device designed for continuous wear to prevent masturbation, infidelity, control sexual urges or aggression, or sexual intercourse.
USER: The individual who will wear the device. By definition, the USER has surrendered control of their sexual organs and services to the KEYHOLDER.
KEYHOLDER: Miss Kitty who will hold the key and the control for the device. By definition, the KEYHOLDER is the individual entrusted to have absolute say in the use of the users sexual organs and services.


User will wear the chastity device for a period of time determined [by himself / by the pair together / by Keyholder / by (insert other method here)]


[User/Keyholder] is responsible for regular cleaning of device.
User will notify the Keyholder immediately of any concerns regarding function or cleanliness of device.
Keyholder will permit at least one removal of device in a seven-day period for cleaning
User agrees that such release may be supervised and agrees to all terms of release as set forth by Keyholder, including restraints if deemed necessary.
User agrees that he will immediately re-secure device after all cleanings.
Both parties acknowledge that a release from device may be permitted for medical or extreme discomfort issues. However during such release no orgasms are permitted and user agrees once medical condition is rectified immediate return of the device will commence without delay.


Keyholder will retain all keys to said device.
Keyholder will carry one key on their person at all times.
User will not attempt to break free from or defeat the purpose of the device in any way.
Keyholder will make one emergency key available to User for use in medical emergency, doctor appointments, and any other situation in which excessive bodily harm may be present to User.
User agrees that in such emergency he will notify Keyholder immediately and that no orgasm is permitted. If self-release is attempted and/or carried out, punishment as outlined in the contract will be applied.
User agrees that once medical condition has been rectified User will re-secure device immediately and notify Keyholder of said action.

Sexual Release / Orgasm

Keyholder agrees that User will be entitled to at least [number] releases in any [period of time] User will spend no less than [number] hours but no more than [number] hours out of the device.
Keyholder is given sole discretion of how releases will be carried out. Keyholder agrees that at least [number] uncaged periods will include an orgasm for User.
User acknowledges and agrees that Keyholder has certain sexual needs that may need fulfilled and such releases for Keyholder do not constitute a release for User.
User agrees to satisfy Keyholder by whatever means Keyholder deems necessary for sexual gratification.
User agrees that sexual releases may be accompanied by being restrained as determined by Keyholder.
User agrees that Keyholder may release User for the means of sexual play but that no orgasm is permitted until Keyholder permits one.
User agrees to use any sexual aids such as (but not limited to) strap-ons, vibrators, dildos, and other artificial aids to satisfy Keyholder.
User agrees that Keyholder may use devices mentioned above in addition to other restraints on User.

Non-Sexual Releases

User agrees that Keyholder may release User out of good nature and that such a release from device is not grounds for sexual release.
User agrees to abide by all directions from Keyholder during such releases.
User agrees to re-secure device upon command from Keyholder.


User agrees that Keyholder may require certain clothing to be worn by User, including but not limited to feminine clothing such as heels, hosiery, and other items. In such cases User agrees to follow directives as set forth by Keyholder.
User agrees that Keyholder may specify that User remove all clothing within the confines of the [household/bedroom].
Keyholder agrees that they will not require clothing that would be detrimental to normal public wear or that would otherwise affect public opinion, interfere with work duties, or that would cause public humiliation for User.
User acknowledges that Keyholder may adorn themselves in various clothing to tease and/or torment User.

General Understandings

Both parties agree that everyday life decisions such as child development, household finances, and other decisions outside the bedroom will have no effect on terms of this agreement, and that such decisions made can have no impact on the terms of this agreement.
Keyholder understands that they are free to receive any form of sexual gratification needed from User during periods of confinement.
User is aware that rewards up to and including orgasm are given for good behavior including but not limited to [things Keyholder enjoys] [ex: pampering, dinner dates, gifts, massages] Rewards assigned will be at the discretion of Keyholder.
Both parties agree that modifications to this agreement may be needed during the period of this agreement and that such modifications can be made as long as both parties are in agreement.

Penalties and Punishments

Both parties agree that deviation from contract will result in either cancellation of contract or punishments to correct errant behavior.
Breach of contract by Keyholder will constitute a cancellation of contract.
Cancellation of contract will result in immediate release of User from device.
Breach of contract by User will be handled at the discretion of the Keyholder as outlined below.
Unauthorized removal of device will result in a [number] day period of lock up and denial for User. Absolutely no orgasms will be allowed for User during this penalty period.
Unauthorized masturbation will result in a [number] day period of lock up and denial for User. Again, absolutely no orgasms will be allowed for User during this penalty period. Additional punishment may be added as determined by Keyholder
User agrees that the following accepted punishments may be administered by Keyholder to correct or punish infractions from contract: [punishments agreed upon by couple] [ex: spanking, flogging, private humiliation, further extension of chastity period]

Hard Limits

User and Keyholder agree that any sexual play carried out under the terms of the contract shall not include:
[hard limits of User]
[hard limits of Keyholder]
[Ex: feces, children or child pornography, animals or animal pornography]

Keyholder Signature____________________________________Date_ _______________

User Signature_________________________________Date____ ____________

Upon signing of contract User is to immediately secure said device and hand over keys to Keyholder. Terms of this contract commence upon transfer of keys.