So July has been an interesting month. The good news is that Dungeons, Beauty salons and Hairdressers are now opening up! So for Miss Kitty that means a top to toe well overdue pamper followed by some sessions again at the Dungeon. The less good news is that Miss Kitty has been feeling very out of sorts with not being able to work properly. A trip to see family and then a quick trip to Stroud to see Mistress Thumbelina helped a little but she really does need to get back to working, socialising and being spoilt. She has certainly missed you all.

Back in the Dungeon!

You will all be glad to know that Miss Kitty is back holding sessions at the lovely Gatwick Dungeon. She does so enjoy being there. Its also  had a lot of refurbishment by the very talented owner over lock down. Its so close to Gatwick Airport too so for those who fly down to see Miss Kitty it is only a short taxi ride.

Crafting lock down.

Lock down has been productive for Miss Kitty. You will see some of Her labours on her Etsy shop. She can be very crafty!! She has uploaded some of Her wooden dildos but still has some more to add. Support Her by buying some traditional handmade British made toys. These are one offs. Each will come with a note from Miss Kitty directly to you.

She has also made some new floggers for Herself which range from lovely soft thuddy plaited leather to harsh stingy rubber! All ready for you to be teased and tortured.

New rope skills.

Master Raven has been teaching Miss Kitty some new rope skills as She is eager to improve Her rope skills. Its not an art you can learn overnight for sure but Master Raven is very patient.

Miss Kitty has also had her first go in suspension Herself. She clung onto a chair for dear life until She realised that she was suspended and actually the chair had no feet on the ground! It was an amazing experience and has eagerly been suspended again. 

Driver required for August

In August Miss Kitty will need to go shopping to Brighton so if you have a nice car, and would like to spoil Her please do get in contact. You will need to collect Miss Kitty from Her home address, drive Her to Brighton, attend to Her while She shops, and drive Her home. This is a unique experience to spend personal time with Miss Kitty. Of course She will also enjoy it if you spoil her in one of Her favourite shops. Send Her an email to explain why you would be a perfect chauffeur and attendant to take Miss Kitty shopping.

She may also need a driver to take her to  London for an appointment.

Chastity 2020

Lock down has certainly seen an increase in you boys wanting Miss Kitty to lock you up. Its been a perfect time whilst you have all been at home to start your journeys. She still has some spaces for some more Chastity Boys. It does so please Her to see you all nice and locked up. Ensure you have a well fitting cage ready to start your journey.

Holiday Time.

Miss Kitty and Master Raven are so excited to be off on holiday at the end of August. The postponed trip to Cap D’Agde from early July (thanks Covid). It will be a perfect mix of hedonism and sightseeing and also a celebration for Master Ravens birthday. Miss Kitty is really looking forward to visiting Carcasonne to indulge her passion for history and architecture. Whilst of course visiting some fetish clubs to play and meet new people too. Miss Kitty thinks she will need some nice new outfits to take so if you ever wanted a time to spoil her the time is now! She is thinking of a nice shiny latex dress and maybe a  lovely outfit for sight seeing.

So what do you want to see Miss Kitty doing? Let Her know and She will do Her best to make you smile.


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