So boys and girls why not challenge yourself during this lockdown?
Chastity is a very empowering experience. You can have different levels from having to ask to touch your genitals and beg to be allowed to cum, up to wearing a fill time chastity cage. Having your orgasms withdrawn and owned is a big commitment and not for the fainthearted. Waking with Your morning glory squashed inside your cage can be a very painful experience. Equally desperate to come and knowing that you cannot controls your every thought.
Wearing a cage isn’t for everyone due to lifestyle, partners, work etc but there is no reason why you cannot give your orgasms over to Miss Kitty.
If you have begged well for an orgasm then Miss Kitty may be kind enough to grant you one she may even request that you video it or we have a live cam session so that you will come on video. Equally, if you choose to be locked up in a cage this can also be done in a live cam session and you can find details of Miss Kittys Chastity Services on her website along with the Chastity contract and how to sign up. If you have any questions then please email Miss Kitty with a phone number and she’ll be happy to give you a call and discuss this.

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